Arts in Education

Accessibility is key to Darrah Carr Dance’s audience outreach and arts education. Company members use the choreography’s Irish elements as a teaching tool and illuminate the dance's connection to Irish society, history, and related art forms. Students benefit from the musical talents of guest artist and fellow Irish dancer, Niall O’Leary, who enlivens performances and educational demonstrations with traditional spoon playing, accordion tunes, and bodhran (drum) rhythms.

Darrah Carr Dance repertory lends itself well to many curriculum themes including:

Social Studies

An analysis of how the form, function, and context of Irish dance changed due to forces of emigration, religion, and nationalism. Suggested grades 6 -12.


A look at how celtic embroidery, jewelry, and calligraphy inspires the spatial patterning in Carr’s dances. Suggested grades 4 -12.


A discussion of tempo, melody, and rhythm, as well as an introduction to Irish instruments such as the fiddle, accordion, flute, bodhran (drum), tin whistle, pipes, and spoons. Additionally, traditional Irish unaccompanied singing (both keening and mouth music), can be included. Suggested grades 1-12.


An exploration of rhythm games, spatial patterning, and counting. Suggested grades Pre-K-4. 

Social skills

Teamwork is encouraged through learning the partnering and patterning of traditional Irish dances. Suggested grades Pre-K-6.