Community Outreach


Traditional Irish Dance Technique 
Led by Artistic Director Darrah Carr and Guest Artist Niall O’Leary, the class options include both hard shoe and soft shoe styles, as well as solo and group dances, depending on the dancers’ levels of experience. 

ModERIN Repertory Class 
Led by members of Darrah Carr Dance, this class is an opportunity to learn firsthand several repertory excerpts from the company’s unique blended style. 

Choreographic Commission 
Artistic Director Darrah Carr creates a new piece in her signature style - a blend of traditional Irish and contemporary modern dance. Participants will have the opportunity to perform the piece during public concerts of Darrah Carr Dance held at the end of the residency. 


The fusion of Irish dance structure & modern dance freedom as seen in the work of Darrah Carr Dance. Video excerpts optional. 

From Rince/Dance to Riverdance 
An overview of the history of Irish dance (rince in Gaelic) from its traditional social context to the incredible commercial success of Riverdance. Video excerpts, costume examples, and supplemental reading materials included. 

Musical Ireland 
The important connection between Irish dance & music is explored in the context of tune, tempo, and setting. Live musical accompaniment on the accordion, fiddle, flute, bodhran (drum), or spoons included.


Celtic Collaboration Workshop 
Artistic Director Darrah Carr, along with company costume designer and resident lighting designer, discuss how their creative processes become interwoven when they collaborate on a new work. They demonstrate how interlacing celtic design inspires the choreographic movement patterns, the costume details, and the lighting choices. Participants create their own interwoven patterns with fabric and learn Irish social dance patterns featuring interlacing circles, squares, and figure eights.

Community Ceili 
An afternoon or evening of Irish music and dance geared toward any skill level or age. Participants will learn Irish social dances and enjoy traditional tunes on the accordion, bodhran (drum), and spoons. Artistic Director Darrah Carr and Guest Artist Niall O’Leary will also also perform excerpts from their Irish duets program. A perfect complement to any performance engagement or residency.

Irish Invitational 
To further community outreach, local Irish dance schools may be invited to perform one selection during a Darrah Carr Dance concert. Students who are participating in a residency may also have the opportunity to perform the piece created during their Choreographic Commission class. These invitations provide wonderful audience building opportunities and give local students a chance to perform in a professional setting. An audience Question & Answer session is included at the end of each performance.