Dance Magazine: Beyond Riverdance

Dance Magazine
May, 2005

“Beyond Riverdance”
By Jessie Male

What happens when Irish step dance, known for its very specific structure and coordination, merges with modern? How has Riverdance had an impact on the traditional form? How are tap and Irish dance related? These are some of the questions that will be posed at the “Percussive Dance Symposium,” directed by Mick Moloney and presented by New York University’s Glucksman Ireland House from April 29-30. The first of its kind for Irish dance, “It’s an opportunity to get everyone packed in the same room to talk about the art form and the future,” says NYU Ireland House’s Scott Spencer. Presenting will be Jean Butler and Colin Dunne, of Riverdance fame, as well as scholars and teachers from throughout Ireland and North America. The symposium coincides with the New York City Irish Dance Festival, May 1. Directed by Niall O’Leary and presented by the Irish Arts Center, this annual festival features workshops and performances by companies like Darrah Carr Dance (pictured). Carr, a contributor to Dance Magazine, offers a mix of traditional Irish step dance with full-bodied modern dance.

Darrah Carr