Evening Herald: “Shannon” Flows

Evening Herald
Dublin, Ireland
August 18, 1999

“Shannon” Flows
by Don Smith

Darrah Carr Dance 
Bank of Ireland Arts Centre

The Irish-American modern dance company, Darrah Carr Dance, opened their show with “Shannon,” choreographed by Carr with music by Jimmy Walsh.  It’s a gentle piece, with two main moods-slow and dramatic and fast and joyful.  I thought the fast sections worked best, showing off the six female dancers at their most impressive.

The same six girls performed the second work-”Whir”l-a short, cheerful, exuberant piece.  Some of the movements had a strong Irish step dancing feel and Darrah Carr demonstrated her considerable traditional technique.  Most of the show is unpretentious and the vivacious bits are well worth seeing.  It runs until August 22.

Darrah Carr